Practical Conservation

Practical Conservation

Explore the projects Our Bright Future have worked on improving green spaces for people and wildlife, while developing the skills of young people.

Aardman Pond

Halloween 2019, a dedicated group of our Young Volunteers helped with some important pond maintenance in the garden on Aardman studios, the home of Wallace and Gromit! 

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The part that I enjoyed most by far was being able to catch and move frogs while we worked on saving their habitat. It was great to have some contact with wildlife and to know I was helping to make the pond a better place for them.
Shivani- Young Volunteer

New homes for barn owls

This project worked with a group of sixth-form students from Clevedon School, working towards their Future Leaders course. The course focuses on leadership and volunteering opportunities and students were keen to increase their understanding of the wildlife and important landscapes close to their school and homes.

The eight students visited Weston Moor to learn more about Barn Owls and prepare for their project to build five new barn owl boxes to go up on the site. The group created 5 brilliant owl boxes and came back to the Gordano Valley to watch them being installed. The group gained practical skills, helped us to update our weather-worn boxes and encouraged more barn owls into the area.

owl box

LPW Lads Group

Over the course of a year we worked with LPW Lads Group, to create a new wildlife pond and area for The Vench adventure playground in Lockleaze. The group decided this was a priority for them as they wanted to do more practical work.

There was a lot of work involved! Digging out the pond site to re-establish the shape, clearing vegetation, lining the pond, filling and planting around the banks. To finish off the area, a living willow fence and a hazel hurdle were planted to add a naturally aesthetic way to protect the pond whilst it established itself. This was all decided by the group.

When asked what they enjoyed most, one said “It’s great to see something through from start to finish”. 

It was great to see the boys engaging in positive, healthy, fun activities. Building the fence here at The Vench gives them a real sense of ownership.
Pete - LPW Lead Engagement Worker


Bulbtober is a great idea, planting new life in these uncertain times is a welcoming distraction.

For the past two years , the Our Bright Future team has led a project called Bulbtober which aims to get as many bulbs and wildflowers planted in October as possible! In 2020, over 500 young people took part all over Avon.

Alli from Weston Super Mare’s YMCA sums up perfectly why this project, which has seen nearly 3,000 bulbs and 500 wildflowers distributed across Avon, was so well received:

 “Whilst Covid has forced us out of our meeting place we are embracing outdoor activities and looking forward to contributing to our local community, so this feels like an ideal opportunity.”

 To read more, follow the link to read a blog written by Emma from the 91st Bristol Scouts group

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