Avon Wildlife Trust Supports Stoke Park Conservation Work

Avon Wildlife Trust supports the conservation work Bristol City Council is doing on the Stoke Park estate, which includes work to restore and improve wildflower-rich grassland.

Wildflower grassland is not only a beautiful landscape for people to enjoy, but a rich habitat for many species including butterfly and bee populations.

Yet we’ve lost 97% of the UK’s wildflower-rich grasslands since the 1930s and are fortunate to have some of what remains of this rare grassland landscape within the city.

We need to do all we can to enhance and restore what we have left. Bristol City Council funding will enable work to get underway including opening up areas that have been encroached by scrub and young woodland.

The restoration of valuable habitat for long-term ecological and wildlife benefits can sometimes mean that other natural features, including young trees, need to be removed if large scale changes are going to be possible.

Balancing the value of different habitats is a complex part of conservation work.

In this case it will allow the Stoke Park landscape to return to the more open wildflower rich grassland which were a feature in the past - and will allow wildlife to thrive in the future.