Grow Leader Course

Grow Leader Course

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Helping people and wildlife thrive

This course aims to support people to become effective facilitators capable of engaging a wide range of participants in ecological land management and food growing activities. With a focus on how to develop projects and groups where people and wildlife can thrive.

The aim of the course is to train and give people practical experience in community engagement, teaching skills, occupational health and therapeutic horticulture. All based around small scale market gardening and agri-ecological systems at Grow Wilder.

Autumn 2020 course

The next  Grow Leader course will be taking place in September 2020. However, due to the current disruption caused by COVID-19 we will not be taking  bookings until the future looks more certain.

In the meantime please register your interest by emailing

Please email  for a Grow Leader placement.

About the course

Aims and objectives

  • Deliver a hands-on practical course with lots of tools and techniques that can be directly applied to land based projects with a holistic approach to engaging people in an ecologically productive setting
  • To increase skills and understanding in organic food growing, wildlife conservation, social care and ecological land management
  • To enable participants to take the lead in planning and delivering practical activities with a wide range of target groups with different needs
  • To give people tools to become an effective and engaging facilitator or tutor
  • To increase confidence in larger scale garden planning and ecological land management
  • To enable participants to write necessary policies, risk assessments and activity plans

Target audience

  • Employees working on community projects from support assistants and project officers to project managers (course structured to engage a range of levels)
  • Volunteers in existing projects looking to progress by demonstrating practical management techniques, facilitator skills and self-reflective learning
  • People interested in starting a new wildlife gardening or food growing project
  • People looking for an inspirational change career 


The three core themes will be delivered over 12 sessions:

  1. Food Growing
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Ecology and conservation.

All are interlinked with a holistic approach to community agro-ecology project management. Each includes the core principles of planning/management/review, how to be an effective tutor, and working with a range of people with different needs.

Each day is split between theory and hands on practicals, where we explore the inspirational site. Once into the swing of things students will be expected to develop and deliver practical sessions. 

We give you access to our course Google Drive and Grow Leader forum. This is so you can start to network as well as share knowledge and experience with a range of people that have been on other courses at Grow Wilder.

This is non accredited course but it is formally structured and you will receive an official Avon Wildlife Trust Certificate on completion.

Delivery timeframe and costs 

12 full day sessions (9.00 – 4.30)

There are approximately 14 places on the course available. The cost of the course will be confirmed later in the year.

Grow Leader Placement volunteers - free on completion of 6 month placement

Running times – The Grow Leader Course is delivered twice a year starting in March and September. Please register your interest in the September 2020 course by emailing

Grow Leader Placement

We also have an additional opportunity for people to become a Grow Leader placement. Grow Leader placements form part of Grow Wilder's core crew and they are formal positions which require you to be able to commit to two days per week for six months. You will also receive a place on our Grow Leader Course on completion of the placement. You must be able to commit to volunteer on the project for two days per week for six months. If you miss the Grow Leader Placements or can't do the full two days. We offer a 1 day placement as well. The Grow Leader Placements get trained on land management, wildflower nursery care, organic horticulture and how to run successful community projects. 

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"I would highly recommend the Grow Leader course for anyone who wants to know more about; organic food growing, wildlife, ecology, and environmental conservation. A huge dose of all the essential information, and practical application of that information, required for anyone who has an interest in protecting and sustaining our environment as we move into an unknown future.”
Grow Leader

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E:  for a Grow Leader placement

E: for a place on the Grow Leader course.
T: 01179177270