Let's turn Bristol into a nature reserve!

Together we can create a nature-rich city that puts wildlife right on our doorsteps, giving everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of wildlife every day.

My Wild City’s vision is for anyone living and working in the Greater Bristol area to help transform gardens and open spaces into a city-wide nature reserve.

Together, if we connect habitats and green spaces, we can create wildlife corridors -‘green highways’ enabling wildlife to move easily around the city and link to the countryside.





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Get inspired and inspire others!

Are you already doing something amazing for wildlife? Perhaps you’ve planted wildlife-friendly flowers in your garden or at work? Put out bird seed, made a shelter or pond? Or even planted some trees or a hedgerow?

If not, you might just want to know how to get started. We’ve got lots of resources to help you. We’d also love you to inspire others with whatever it is you're doing.

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