Public statement: Feed Bristol site and notice to vacate

Sunday 15th March 2015

Feed Bristol Feed Bristol

Avon Wildlife Trust’s objections to elements of the Metrobus scheme are a matter of public record, and since the scheme was approved the Trust has worked, and continue to work, to secure the best ecological mitigation for the area.

We are tenants of the Feed Bristol site and as such we are not permitted to allow nuisances on our site, or to neighbouring land or landlords. Since the evictions began on neighbouring land, there have been people occupying Feed Bristol's site without the Trust’s permission and causing nuisances to the neighbouring land and landlord.

It is a matter of public record that Feed Bristol is currently closed to anyone except Avon Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers with specific permission to be there. Feed Bristol volunteers who are participating in the protests do not have permission to enter site at present. Avon Wildlife Trust staff have asked people without permission to leave and we have made that request on social media. 

This notice is to formally ask anyone on site without permission to vacate. Failing to do so compromises the Trust.

Feed Bristol has already lost five weeks of trading revenue totalling thousands of pounds. The renegotiation of lease boundaries around the site as a result of the protests has meant Feed Bristol has lost access to land it would have liked to retain for the foreseeable future, and meant that the fencing is more invasive than was originally envisaged.

Visits of UK wide conservation leaders and of EU delegates to learn from Feed Bristol as part of Bristol 2015 have had to be cancelled in recent weeks. The costs of Trust staff time engaged with the Metrobus issues were already significant but these have escalated in recent weeks, having a knock on effect within the Trust and our other projects.

The Trust has been extremely patient amidst challenging circumstances for all the parties concerned. We also respect and share the concerns of many local residents. However, we now wish to focus on the future of Feed Bristol and returning it to normal function whilst we adapt to working on the revised site. We would therefore ask that all parties respect that and work with us to ensure the success and beacon of hope that Feed Bristol provides continues.

We would also ask all interested parties to continue to work with us on securing the best possible ecological mitigation and a clear strategy for the valuable agricultural land in the wider area.

Many thanks.

Avon Wildlife Trust