It’s time to ‘Grow Wilder’ and celebrate a new site name

It’s time to ‘Grow Wilder’ and celebrate a new site name

(c) Nick Turner

After eight successful years of the site operating as Feed Bristol, Avon Wildlife Trust’s flagship food growing project is renaming to Grow Wilder.

In celebration of the name change, we take a moment to remember the great things the site has achieved and reflect what a new name means for the site’s future. Also, at this time of significant lifestyle changes in response to Covid-19, we focus on why growing wilder is more important now than ever.

It was back in 2012 that Avon Wildlife Trust first took over an unused six-acre small holding in Stapleton. The largely overgrown plot provided the perfect blank canvas for us to rebuild and bring the site back to use. Through the amazing work of the Trust staff and the many incredible volunteers who helped out, veg plots were created, natural habitats were identified and restored, new habitats such as ponds were formed and new spaces were built to serve as classrooms and working spaces.

The result has been the creation of a flourishing community hub, where people and nature thrive in a productive food growing setting. On an average day, we are bustling with courses to promote beneficial food growing practices, school groups coming to spot wildlife, visitors to our wildflower nursery and amazing volunteers helping the site function smoothly.

So why the name change to Grow Wilder? While we have thoroughly enjoyed working as Feed Bristol, the time has come to align ourselves closer to the site vision. We want to be enabling nature to recover on a grand scale through inspiring people, communities, schools and businesses to take action for wildlife. We want to be growing wilder food, growing wilder gardens and growing wilder people.

It is also time for stepping up. Bristol has announced both ecological and climate emergencies. It is important we refocus our attention to these critical issues. Wildlife is in serious decline. Urgent action is needed and under the name Grow Wilder we hope to directly tackle these problems.

So how can you help during the Covid-19 lockdown? While we may be stuck at home, that certainly doesn’t mean that we can’t be helping wildlife in our local area. Grow Wilder is excited to announce that in response to the current lockdown, it will be launching an online store ( to sell and deliver native wildflowers and organic veg plants straight to your door.

By adding wildflowers to your garden, you’ll be providing a key source of sustenance for pollinators and helping fight back against their critical ecological decline. Similarly, growing veg at home or on the allotment allows you to sustainably produce the food you eat straight from the ground and get closer to nature while doing so.

Lockdown provides an unexpected opportunity to find solace in the wonderful natural world and support wildlife on your doorstep. To visit our shop, please go to For any site updates, you can visit We thank you for your continued support and look forward to sharing our journey as Grow Wilder with you.