Gift of Land

Give the gift of land

We are interested in taking on land, especially where it will help to make wildlife habitats bigger and better interconnected. We are looking for land over 10 hectares in size to begin to achieve real benefits for local biodiversity. It could be land that is already high in wildlife value, or land with good potential for restoration or rewilding. Sometimes we will take on smaller areas where they adjoin existing sites or help to create wildlife corridors.  

We want to hear about any opportunity of land to contribute to our Nature Recovery Networks and help us gain 30% of land and sea for local wildlife by 2030

However, as a charity, we need to look at the costs of management against the potential wildlife gains we could make. We can take on land in urban areas but generally only where there are clear benefits for wildlife and the opportunity to engage people in taking action for nature, because of the increased maintenance and management costs.

We would love to discuss your offer of land over the phone.
We are really interested in farmland or woodland over 10 hectares in size.
Is this a ...