Gift of Land

Give the gift of land

Help secure 30% of land for wildlife by 2030

We want to hear about any opportunity of land to contribute to our Nature Recovery Networks and help us gain 30% of land and sea for local wildlife by 2030. Together, we can fight for a future where wildlife and people thrive alongside each other in a healthy habitat. If you can help by contributing valuable land to this vision, we want you to get in touch. 

We need land that: 

  • will help to make wildlife habitats bigger and more connected
  • is over 10 hectares in size to begin to achieve real benefits for local biodiversity
  • all types of land, including areas already high in wildlife value or with potential for restoration or rewilding 
  • smaller areas where they adjoin existing sites or help to create wildlife corridors


Success story at Goblin Combe

Thanks to the generosity of two retired Bristolian brothers, our Goblin Combe nature reserve significantly increased
in size, with a beautiful and valuable piece of woodland being joined onto the existing site. The brothers gave 75 hectares of land to the Trust to own and look after permanently. This wonderful gift gives even more space for wildlife to feed, shelter and thrive. The land is a plantation woodland of mixed coniferous and deciduous trees, planted about 50 years ago. Avon Wildlife Trust had been managing around 15 hectares of woodland and grassland here for some time, coppicing and maintaining the woodland so that wildlife, including dormice and bats, can flourish. As our Wilder Future campaign calls for 30% of land to be secured for wildlife by 2030 through Nature Recovery Networks of habitats and nature-rich land right across the country, this gift was an important way of filling some gaps in our network in the North Somerset landscape.

Do you have land to give or could you contribute to a land purchase?

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We are really interested in farmland or woodland over 10 hectares in size.