North Somerset Levels and Moors

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Clapton MoorClapton Moor

The North Somerset Levels and Moors is an extensive area of low-lying wetland adjacent to the Severn Estuary between the Mendip Hills in the south and Bristol to the north.

Grazing marsh is the name given to wet grassland criss-crossed by drainage channels. It is recognised as a nationally important habitat in view of the large areas lost during the last century. It is important for many species of wetland birds including snipe and lapwings. The rare greater horseshoe bat can be found hunting for insects on the Levels and Moors.

It is an area rich in irreplaceable natural and historic heritage


Levels is the name used for coastal grazing marsh, in this instance alongside the Severn Estuary, with moors referring to the inland marshes, such as our reserves at Puxton Moor and Weston Moor. The area represents 3.5% of this nationally rare habitat, with a National Nature Reserve in the Gordano Valley and a number of SSSIs across the area. It is important for many species of wetland birds, such as snipe and lapwing, with otters and water voles returning to the area in recent years. 

Click here for a digital visualisation of the Levels.

For more information on our work see North Somerset Wetlands Programme.

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