My Wild Church

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In partnership with Bristol City Cathedral, Avon Wildlife Trust is connecting with the churches of Bristol to help them provide wildlife havens across the city.

Churchyards historically, have represented some of the best wildlife habitat within cities. A combination of low levels of management and creation of relaxing, colourful backdrops within the grounds, churches can be the perfect home for wildlife.

With approximately 150 churches spread across Bristol, their grounds offer a significant opportunity for wildlife . Through working with Bristol City Cathedral and the network of chruches, we hope to demonstrate how these areas can be enhanced for wildlife and the enjoyment of their congregations.

One church will be selected to demonstrate how to create attractive areas of high ecological value within this setting.

Have you added a wildlife-friendly feature at your local church, or perhaps in your gardens/window boxes or local green space across Bristol?

Tell us about it and we'll add it to the My Wild City interactive map