Stockwood Open Space

Stockwood Open Space

One of the largest patches of green space in Bristol, Stockwood Open Space boasts ancient woodland, beautiful wildflower meadows, ponds and a large orchard brimming with apples in the autumn. An excellent place to go exploring in the winter where you can forage for winter berries, explore hidden paths, and keep an eye out for the deer that are often spotted bounding across the meadows.  

Location: The site is in Stockwood, south east Bristol. The two main access points are beside Brislington School at Hungerford Gardens and The Coots, Stockwood. Alternative entrances include Whittock Road, Stockwood Road and Holsom Close. Stockwood Nature Reserve, Hungerford Gardens, Stockwood, BS14 8XX

Friends of Stockwood Open Spaces was formed in 2009 to help protect and improve the public open spaces of Stockwood, Bristol.

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