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The vision behind Avon Wildlife Trust's #MyWildCity project is for anyone living and working in the Greater Bristol area to come together and help transform gardens and open spaces to create a city-wide nature reserve. Co-workers at Triodos Bank took time away from their desks to transform their 4th floor balcony space.

Colleagues were keen to be involved in all aspects of the project, from choosing which pollinator-friendly plants to include, designing a 'bee hotel', creating four large wooden planters from recycled wood and making the final decisions on the planting plan. “The best part for me, outside of the obvious benefits of creating a green space in the ‘concrete jungle’, was the chance to actually get my hands dirty and do something both outside the building and outside of my daily routine,” said Keith Weinberg, a member of the Triodos Bank Green Team.

The team created a valuable addition to the city's green infrastructure and created a new outdoor space. Ellen Harrison from the Green Team explained, "It’s brilliant to be able to bring a bit more nature into the bank, and to feel we’re doing our bit to create green corridors within the city and support pollinators. Getting outside and doing something different as part of a team was great fun, and the new outdoor space is a lovely place to be."

The addition of nectar-rich plants such as foxgloves, knapweed, lavender, salvia and Echinacea will provide much needed food for pollinators, the small pond will provide water for birds and the climbing honeysuckle, bee hotel, ferns and ivy will create lots of shelter for a variety of invertebrates. Colleagues also benefit by being able to enjoy their lunch looking out across the city and enjoying the view, satisfied in the knowledge that they helped create the outdoor space.

Kath Langley from Triodos Bank explains, “As well as being a great way to get together with other co-workers outside of my own department, I really enjoyed literally getting my hands dirty. Creating a space that will grow and change throughout the seasons that will be beautiful, peaceful, and useful in terms of providing tea, fruit and herbs, felt good to be part of. It was also surprisingly easy to do and has inspired me to do more at home. I’m looking forward to enjoying this space!”.

Triodos Bank used plants that were grown at our wildflower nursery at Feed Bristol so if you're feeling inspired, like Kath, to get planting at home, call 0117 965 7086 or email to find out more about our stock and start planning for Spring.

If you think your office could do with a wildlife makeover, or your company would like to support our My Wild City project, please get in touch and we can start planning your next project ...


Meanwhile if you're looking for hints and tips on how to attract wildlife into your neighbourhood check out some of our other projects or browse the My Wild City webpage