Key Stage 2 day visits

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A day visit gives students the opportunity to discover wild places and learn about our native wildlife in a rich variety of habitats. Go pond dipping, plant a seed, explore semi-ancient woodland, investigate pollinators and bring the National Curriculum to life!

We offer Key Stage 2 programmes at both the Folly Farm Centre and Feed Bristol.

Folly Farm Centre

Team Building (Key Stage 2)
This programme is designed to test how well small teams work together and to see how many challenges each team can successfully complete. This is a fun, competitive day with points or Folly Farm pounds awarded throughout for teamwork.

We start with each group choosing which team building activities to attempt - they are graded so that the toughest challenges gain the most points. Can you climb through the web without touching the ropes and can your team cross the 'Raging Torrent'.

After lunch the 'Give Me 5' activity needs good map reading skills, an ability to think fast and good pooling of knowledge.

Feed Bristol

The kids went home buzzing! It couldn't have been better linked in with what we are teaching in school.

The following are full day programmes, but we can deliver a topic as a half day session. Your class can enjoy packed lunches in our roundhouse and harvest and sample tasty vegetables from our garden and polytunnels. The Feed Bristol team are happy to tailor visits to your topic, or link food growing and wildlife into any area in the curriculum. We also provide seasonal repeat visits.

Growing Detectives

Delve deep into the plant kingdom, learn about seeds and the role plants play in our daily lives. As plant detectives you will learn what a plant needs to grow in our kitchen garden, and the structure and functions of a wide range of plants.  

Hands on Habitats

Work scientifically to examine our woodland, meadow and kitchen garden, classifying and making connections. Discover, identify and classify the wildlife we share our beautiful garden with. Learn about habitats, adaptations and connections and the impact of habitat loss.


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For more information, please contact the team on: 0117 917 7270 or email

For information about the residential programmes that we offer at the Folly Farm Centre, please visit our residential visits page.


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