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Buff tailed bumblebeeBuff-tailed bumblebee: Jon Hawkins

Pollinators and their habitats are under threat. Let’s help them and Get Bristol Buzzing by doing some simple but amazing things to help pollinator insects.

Why are insect pollinators important?

Many of our wild plants and food crops are pollinated by a huge variety of insects including bees, hoverflies and butterflies. Pollinators and the habitats they depend on are under threat. We can help them by providing more flowers, shelter and places to nest.

Find out why bees and other pollinating insects are so important in this great animation.

Bees' Needs - National Pollinator Strategy Film from Close-Up Research on Vimeo.

Five simple steps you can take to help pollinators

Tell us about your Get Bristol Buzzing activities and we’ll publish them on the My Wild City map. Don’t forget to also share the amazing things you’re doing to help pollinator insects on social media too using the #GetBristolBuzzing and #MyWildCity hashtags.

Get Bristol Buzzing

Get Bristol Buzzing is the pollinator strand of My Wild City. Eight organisations have come together to develop the Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy and work towards a joined-up approach to pollinator conservation in the Greater Bristol urban area. We’re linking together existing and new projects that help pollinating insects under the Get Bristol Buzzing brand.

Be part of Get Bristol Buzzing

If you’re an organisation or project helping to conserve pollinators in the Greater Bristol urban area why not sign up to support the local pollinator strategy and become part of the Get Bristol Buzzing initiative?

The Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy steering group has developed a local pollinator strategy which contains shared aims and actions to help pollinators. Find out more about the Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy and how you can become part of Get Bristol Buzzing.

Sign up to support the Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy and become part of the Get Bristol Buzzing initiative.

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Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy Steering Group


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