New Year’s Resolutions for Wildlife

New Year’s Resolutions for Wildlife

(c) Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

As we put 2020 behind us as a year to forget, let us always remember our increased connection with nature on a deeper level than ever before as more of us ventured into the great outdoors. This New Year, set yourself a resolution to give back to local wildlife as it has given to us in our time of need.

We are halfway through our winter nature challenge, 12 Days Wild, encouraging people to do something for wildlife every day for the traditional 12 days of Christmas. This challenge helps to fill those strange days between Christmas and New Year with winter wildlife but also helps nature-lovers to spark their love for nature into 2021. By setting your New Year’s resolution with wildlife in mind, you can help to achieve your own 365 days wild.

What could you do throughout 2021 to give back to local wildlife and wild spaces? Thinking of a resolution that is achievable but also makes a true difference can be difficult. That is why we have come up with some great ideas to get your going:

Set yourself a challenge

Do you love getting outside and being around nature? You can do more for wildlife while indulging your passion by setting yourself a fundraising challenge. As a team or as an individual, you could walk the same distance as a hedgehog every day for a year, commit to cycling everywhere for a year or visit each of our nature reserves – and fundraise for wildlife while you are doing it.

Create a wildlife-rich garden all year round

Your garden can be rich in wildlife all year round, not just in spring and summer! Get planning early to welcome wildlife in your wild space any time of the year. Join our Wildlife Gardening Club, kicking off on the 13th January to start a journey to create your own wildlife-rich garden, share your experiences and learn from experts over three months - sign up today

Campaign for change in your local area

Would you like to see more wildlife in your local wild spaces? Make sure that your voice is heard when it comes to making decisions for nature in your community. You could start a community group by gathering your like-minded neighbours and create a community garden. Or you could write to your local MP about an issue you are passion about. We have national and local campaigns that you can get involved with today.

Join as a member

A way you can give back to nature in a big way throughout 2021 and beyond is by joining Avon Wildlife Trust as a member. From just £3 a month, you can help protect and restore over 30 nature reserves and fight for 30% of land and sea for wildlife by 2030 by extending and connecting habitats so that wildlife and survive, move and thrive across our landscape. As a thank you for your support, you will receive two fantastic magazines each year, invites to exciting events and a visitor's guide to our top nature reserves. Together we can help accelerate the pace of change for hedgehogs, hares, swifts, swallows and many other endangered species in our area. Make a year-round difference to wildlife by joining today.