Standing up for wildlife this September

Standing up for wildlife this September

Local people are standing up for wildlife this September by taking on the 30ks Wilder challenge. The challenge asks individuals to take on 30 kilometers in nature within 30 days and raise a minimum of £30 for Avon's wildlife. 30ks Wilder is the Trusts first ever virtual challenge and we're thrilled with the response.

It's no secret that our natural world is in trouble. With wildlife disappearing at an alarming rate, we live in a time of emergency however there is still hope. As part of our 30 by 30 campaign launching later this month, we are calling on everyone to be part of the solution as we stand up collectively for nature and take action together.

The 30ks Wilder challenge follows on from our annual 30 Days Wild challenge where we ask people to do a random act of wildness every day throughout the month of June. These random acts of wildness can be anything from listening to birdsong to planting wildflower seeds with exercising outdoors coming in as one of the top favourites. 

A five-year review was conducted of 30 Days Wild and shows that taking part in the challenge significantly increases people’s wellbeing and heightened sense of nature. The review shows the challenge increases participants health, happiness and nature-connectedness so we decided to create 30ks Wilder to follow on from 30 Days Wild and help people continue the positive journey they had begun. 

30ks Wilder asks people to take on 30 kilometers in nature within 30 days and raise a minimum of £30 for Avon's wildlife however what the challenge looks like is completely up to the participant. Our slogan of 'Your challenge, your way' is important to us as it's about ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for everyone. 

So far, 67 incredible people have signed up to take on the challenge in their own way and everyone who has started fundraising so far has set their target at a minimum of £50. The participants are taking on the challenge by:

  • Walking or running 1k a day for 30 days
  • Walking, running or cycling 30km in one day
  • Running 30k each week over September

Check out their fundraising pages to see what they're doing individually:

But you can even read 30,000 pages of nature books or perhaps pick up 30 pieces of litter each week over the course of September if you wanted to. The challenge is about connecting with nature and raising money for Avon's wildlife which is so desperately in need of recovery.

We are hoping to raise at least £3,000 through the challenge with over £1,000 raised so far and September has only just begun! We asked a few participants why they were taking on 30ks Wilder this September, you can check out their responses below. If they inspire you to get involved then there's still time to sign up. Join the challenge today and together we can create a wilder future.

For more information and to sign up please visit:

Lastly and most importantly, we want to thank all our participants for getting involved, challenging themselves and taking a stand for local wildlife. We truly couldn't put nature into recovery without you so thank you.

Holly walking in a field

Why Holly is taking on 30ks Wilder

"I am fundraising for Avon Wildlife Trust because over the last four years they have allowed me to connect with nature and learn countless new skills in landscape management, ecology and zoology. This has inspired me to get a degree in biology. Without this scheme I not only would have not been able to learn all these new skills but I also wouldn't have had the opportunity to work with so many people in the field who have given me invaluable insights."

Holly is walking 30 kilometers each week in September and has already raised an impressive £174.25 from a target of £100.

Kathy sitting on a wall

Why Kathy is taking on 30ks Wilder

"As the main administrator for Keynsham Group of Avon Wildlife Trust, I find myself sat at a computer far too much. Engaging with 30Ks Wilder will make me leave my desk and find time to explore some of the wonderful reserves we have in our area. And of course it will help raise funds for the great work that the Trust are carrying out in our area. I may not be an avid walker, completing the 30ks in one day, but I aim to visit areas that I haven’t previously visited, as well as more familiar ones over the course of the month."


Kathy is walking 30 kilometers over the course of the month and aims to raise an amazing £250.

Janet walking

Why Janet is taking on 30ks Wilder

“Like a lot of people, I wanted to do something to help the natural world but wasn’t sure what I could do. I decided to do the 30k Challenge in order to raise as much money as I can to help Avon Wildlife Trust restore nature on land and in the sea, to protect the planet for future generations.”

Janet is walking 30 kilometers over the course of the month and has already raised an incredible £368.75 from a target of £200.