How to guide: Wildflower meadow

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Wildflower gardenImage credit: Tom Marshall

Breathtaking wild flower meadows don’t have to be restricted to the countryside. We can create miniature versions in our gardens using space in flower beds, alongside driveways and even in our lawns.

Whether its a planting pot, flowerbed, green lawn or entire meadow, planting and sowing wildflowers provide vital resources to support a wide range of insects which otherwise couldn't survive in urban areas. Providing the right selection of native and exotic species can will go along way to aiding important pollinator species such as bees, butterflies and moths throughout the year. 

Wildflower Lawn

Using a mix of low flowering species, wildflower lawns are brilliant for wildlife, low maintenance and a perfect location for hosting your summer BBQ. These plants are tolerant of mowing. You can mow once every three weeks to a height of two inches, which means you keep a short and tidy lawn.

Top species to include

  • Wild thyme
  • Ladys bedstraw
  • Lawn chamomile
  • Red clover
  • Black knapweed
  • Common spotted orchid
  • Birds-foot-trefoil
  • Bulbous buttercup

Have you planted wildflower seeds in your garden or window box? Tell us about it!



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