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Are you concerned about a development threat in your local area? Download our Take Action for Wildlife Guidance Notes to find out what you can do.


For more information on planning and wildlife issues, campaign resources and local contacts please follow the links below. 

The area we cover in Avon includes the Councils of:

External bodies

The Royal Town Planning Institute: Planning aid

Providing free, independent and professional advice to communities and individuals who cannot afford to pay professional fees.

Biodiversity Planning Toolkit

Association of Local Government Ecologists' (ALGE) interactive toolkit aimed at helping users to incorporate biodiversity into the planning system and new development.

Campaign for the Protection of Rural England: Planning help

Standing up for your countryside and how to make your voice heard on the decisions that shape your environment.

Friends of the Earth

Inspiring solutions to environmental problems - for their latest campaigns and information on the policies which shape our natural environment.

Department for Communities and Local Government

Planning Building and the Environment. 



FilenameFile size
Guidance Note 1: Standing up for Wildlife - A Summary October 2014.pdf.pdf366.76 KB
Guidance Note 2: The Planning System 2014.pdf142.39 KB
Guidance Note 3: Sites with Statutory Protection 2014.pdf108.1 KB
Guidance Note 4: Local Wildlife Sites 2014.pdf102.72 KB
Guidance Note 5: New Development Habitat Enhancement Creation 2014.pdf107.08 KB
Guidance Note 6: Contacts 2014.pdf112.32 KB
Guidance Note 7: References and Further Reading 2014.pdf149 KB