The Last Hedgehog in Avon?

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Hedgehog (C) Tom MarshallHedgehog (C) Tom Marshall

When was the last time you saw a hedgehog?

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The hedgehog remains one of our best-loved wild creatures, but only one infive people in the UK has ever seen a hedgehog in their garden. Sadly, the hedgehog is in rapid decline - over 95% have been lost since the 1950s.

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Why are hedgehogs are so important?

They're an apex predator - which means they at the top of the food chain and are a good indicator of the general health of the environment. Hedgehogs are unfussy about their habitat requirements, so a dramatic decline in hedgehogs is a warning about the condition of the environment. They are the UK equivalent of tigers and lions, except they live in our gardens! We have the opportunity to get nose-to-nose with these charismatic creatures, an experience which can form the life-long connection with nature we all need in our lives.

Why are they disappearing?

There are lots of reasons - pastures and fields that used to provide food and shelter have been ploughed up and hedgerows have been removed to create larger fields. Pesticides have killed off insects and often kill hedgehogs too. British gardens are contributing to the decline, as we’re making them too tidy for the shelter-loving hedgehog. 

The future is in our hands. There is something we can do.






Have you seen a hedgehog?

We’d like to know as we're collecting information that will help our future conservation work and monitor population trends. Please record any sightings of hedgehogs (dead or alive) on our online form.

How you can help!
1. Report your sightings
2. Make your garden hedgehog safe (see the downloads below!)
3. Share the plight of, ‘the last hedgehog in Avon’ with neighbours and friends
4. Become a member of Avon Wildlife Trust

We're the largest local charity working to protect wildlife - but we couldn't do it without our members support. Join today to help the 'hog. With your help there could be happy ending to the story of ‘the last hedgehog in Avon?'.


Bristol Hedgehog Conservation Group

Join the Facebook group for the latest updates and ways you can get involved.

Thank you to all those who have contributed including Hedgehog Rescue (Yate), Berryl Cassey (Portishead), Prickles (Cheddar), and Hedgehog Street for all their records.



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