My Wild City Champion: Claudia Bonney

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Therapist, teacher, painter, eco-schools warrior & hedgehog champion, Claudia is impassioned about promoting nature and wellbeing in her Bishopston area.


My favourite urban wildlife moment was the first night in my new house seeing a mother hedgehog and her 3 babies walking across my lawn!


Discovering wild hedgehogs in her garden changed her life. After reading about there drastic decline, she wanted to take action but realised it would need a whole neighbourhood effort to really help her hogs.



She signed her road up as a hedgehog street and, under the pseudonym 'Mrs Tiggywinkle', started leafleting the local neighbourhood with hedgehog updates and info on how best to support them. 



Quite quickly neighbours began to make feeding and hibernation stations, put holes in their fences, ramps in their ponds and promised to stop using slug pellets.

The hedgehogs now appear to be thriving with a bumper 2015 of juvenilles and just goes to show a little bit of neighbourhood cooperation and care can allow the humble hedgehog to thrive once again.


Claudia is helping with 'My Wild Neighbourhood' in Bishopston.

Are you passionate about wildlife in your area of Bristol? Maybe you could be our next wildlife champion! Email us.

Image credit: Matt Collis