Campaigning for Wildlife

Campaigning for wildlife

Our Bright Future projects have inspired young people to act as catalysts for change for the environment and communities they live in.

Parliamentary visit

In January 2019 we were invited, with the other 30 projects, to attend a reception with MPs at parliament to further our asks around education in and about nature. We took two young people representing Bristol and Bath. For one young person, Cat, it was a great boost in confidence; “I do think you really have to be passionate enough to be somewhat assertive when talking to MP’s. … you really have to go straight in with what you have to say because that confidence, when meeting someone not too experienced in this type of thing, is really refreshing and will definitely make the whole conversation much more productive.”


She then spoke on a panel of experts at the launch of the AWT Learning Film in March 2019. Speaking about the visit to Parliament she said “the day as a whole was so inspiring. Hearing and seeing other young people who also have so much passion for protecting our environment and wildlife was really reassuring to just know, the future is in good hands”. Despite sitting alongside a trustee, our CEO and a University lecturer she held her own and of all the speakers she carried the audience and created the most buzz – the youth voice was heard.


Barbara Evripidou

Each time I walk around,
I see something new,
Nature is such adventure,
I love it, don’t you?

It’s there when no-one else is,
It has no judgement or greed,
It lets each life take what it needs,
Yet they all live in harmony.

Why are we letting it go?
It holds all the questions and answers.
Even science and technology can’t get it right,
It’s our nature,
Our future,
So let us fight!
Prerana Nerlige Prashanth – Future Brunels at Grow Wilder

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