Treat yourself to half-price membership this January & help care for nature in Avon all year round

Treat yourself to half-price membership this January & help care for nature in Avon all year round

(c) Chris Lawrence

We have welcomed this year with yet another unwelcome announcement as we once again enter a lockdown. For many, this will be a blow but I hope nature can be there for you in your time of need.

The consistency and reliability of nature is something that we can hold on to. As the light slowly starts to come back, we can look forward to seeing the first snowdrops sprout from the ground, welcome the leaves and blossom back to the trees and the chirrup of birdsong that goes with it.

By spending time in or around nature, we can have a positive impact on our wellbeing while remaining safe under Covid-19 restrictions. Our nature reserves and My Wild City sites are free and open to all to take your daily exercise close to home, whether that's on your own or meeting with your chosen friend outside of your household. Please just make sure to abide by the latest government guidance when visiting our reserves to keep you and those around you safe.

2020 was a very difficult year and we want to give you the opportunity to connect with nature on a deeper level by becoming a member of Avon Wildlife Trust in 2021. If you join this January, you can get up to 50% off the cost of membership. We know it is hard for many people at the moment, so we want to make it easier for you to do something positive for nature and yourself and join and stay connected with the wonderful growing community of nature lovers in our region.

From just £1.50 a month, you can become a member and receive our Wild Avon magazine twice a year, packed full of ways to rewild your life, information about the beautiful nature reserves you will be helping to protect and restore and updates about how your kind monthly donation is helping to bring wildlife back across Avon. When you join, we'll send you a welcome pack containing a guide to our top 10 nature reserves, a bookmark, two issues of previous magazines and a wildlife gardening guide to get you going.

Nature can help us throughout the most difficult times, so join as a member to reconnect with nature in our local area today. I look forward to welcoming you as a member as you become a part of our growing, local community!

Join us today!