Why go wild and ways to do it

(c) Chris Lawrence

Hundreds of thousands of people nationwide are taking part in 30 Days Wild, connecting to nature every day in June. You sign up, get a free pack including with a wall chart, wildflower seeds and 101 Random Acts of Wildness. There is something for everyone: schools, families, care homes, offices, you.

Every one of your actions for wildlife - be they big or small – raise awareness for nature. Even letting the grass grow and not mowing it is an act for nature. The more people appreciate nature, the more people will protect it.

It's not just wildlife that 30 Days Wild helps. Over the past four years, The Wildlife Trusts has been working with the University of Derby to find out what kind of impact 30 Days Wild has on the people taking part.

The study showed a 25 per cent increase in participants’ connection to nature, ten per cent in their conservation behaviours (such as picking up litter or planting wildflowers), nine per cent increase in happiness, and eight per cent increase in health. The increased connection to nature (25%) was a key driver to improving happiness (9%) and health (8%). This shows nature’s positive impact on our wellbeing.  

“Getting out in the natural world is good for the mind and body,” says Dr Alice Roberts, the biologist and broadcaster.

Surely, I can connect with nature every day in June? But I know my weaknesses. This blog post is for people like me who have great intentions but falter halfway through. So I set my expectations deliberately low so maybe I can exceed them. Or maybe not. Here are my personal goals. Feel free to copy or adapt them to fit your wild June.

Every day, wet or dry, I am doing the following:

  • Go outdoors for at least 15 minutes
  • Find a grassy patch so I can feel the earth (not concrete) under my feet
  • Look down at the earth – what do I see?
  • Look up at the sky – what do I see?
  • Listen for any wild sounds: bees buzzing, bird calls
  • Pick up at least one piece of litter
  • If I am pounding a pavement, notice any greenery growing through the cracks of concrete
  • Admire nature’s persistence, creativity and beauty.

And bigger goals to achieve at least once in June.

  • Tell the time by a dandelion by blowing one that has gone to seed – how many breathes does it take for all the seeds to catch the wind? (Doing my bit for seed dispersal too)
  • Write a poem about nature even if it is only two lines and does not rhyme
  • Read a book outside
  • Buy local milk, eggs and veg from local farmers
  • Leave out a saucer of water and overripe fruit for butterflies and bees
  • Go barefoot in the grass or a stream
  • Do a drawing of a leaf or flower from real life
  • Put my arms around a tree and give it a hug (the wider the hug, the older the tree)
  • Nap in nature (I feel confident about achieving this one).

Do tag @avonwt so the team do not miss any of your posts. Good luck and look forward to hearing what you get up to! There is still time to order a 30 Days Wild pack and join in.