Avon's Wildflower Grasslands

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An increasingly rare and valuable habitat; wildflower-rich grasslands are pollinator havens.

Remnant wildflower meadows are scattered across farmland in the Avon area, with many in the Chew Valley.

Examples include Breach Hill Common and our nature reserves, such as Folly Farm and Netcott Meadows.

97% of the UK's wildflower-rich grasslands has been lost since the 1930s

Limestone grasslands are found on the thinner calcareous soils, on the Mendip Hills, the Cotswolds Scarp and in Avon Gorge in the heart of Bristol. Dolebury Warren and Walton Common are two of our limestone grassland reserves.

The loss of three million hectares of the UK's wildflower-rich grassland over the last eighty years has been catastrophic for a large variety of species. A well-managed, diverse community of wild flowers supports a healthy population of pollinating insects like bees and butterflies, as well as attracting other wildlife such as small mammals and birds that use the meadows to forage, hunt and nest.

As well as managing our reserves, we work with many other landowners to protect, manage and expand these valuable wildlife habitats, through Avon's Wildflower Grasslands Project and the West of England B-Lines Project.