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Our people

Chris Davies

People are at the heart of Avon Wildlife Trust.

We are extremely grateful for the help of our incredible community of over 18,000 members, 1,000 enthusiastic volunteers, and all our partners, funders and supporters. Our dedicated staff team work with all our community of supporters so that together we can restore nature and enable wildlife to thrive across our region.

Meet the team

If you would like to get in touch, get involved or to find out more about the Trust’s work, our staff team would be delighted to hear from you. *Indicates part-time staff


Ian Barrett - Chief Executive

Melissa Gault - Executive PA

Amy Coulthard - Director of Conservation and Delivery Programmes

Jane Davis - Director of Finance and Resources*

Julian Hall - Director of Fundraising, Membership and Communications

Delivery programmes

Amy Couthard - Director of Conservation and Delivery Programmes

Eric Heath - Head of Land Management and Advice

Janice Gardiner - Nature and Wellbeing Programme Manager

Laura Colman - Learning Development Programme Manager*

Tim Curley - Living Landscape Projects Manager

Joe McSorley - Living Landscape Manager

Bernie D'Arcy - Living Landscape Manager

Rosie Maple - Living Landscape Officer

Charlotte Targett - Living Landscape Assistant

Louise Treneman - Living Landscape Assistant

Jenny Greenwood - Monitoring & GIS Officer and Living Landscape Assistant

Matt Cracknell - Feed Bristol Project Manager

Rachael Dodd - Feed Bristol Project Officer*

Shaun Waycott - Feed Bristol Project Assistant Wildflower Nursery*

Kelly Bray - Wellbeing with Nature Project Manager

Jason Leck - Wellbeing with Nature Project Officer*

Mhairi Cornish - Wellbeing with Nature Project Officer

Lucy Hellier - Learning Development Manager

Freya Morgan - Learning Development Officer*

Stephanie Sharkey - Learning Administration Officer*

Hannah Welsh - My Wild City Community Engagement Officer*

Irene Correia - People & Wildlife Manager

Nicole Daw - People & Wildlife Officer*

Catherine Ware -Our Bright Future Project Officer*

Dani Smith - Our Bright Future Project Officer

George Cook - Our Bright Future Communications and Engagement Officer*

Heather Elgar - WENP Manager


Finance and Resources

Jane Davis - Director of Finance and Resources*

Carmen Loughlin - Finance Manager (maternity leave)

Paul McCormack - Finance Manager (maternity cover)

Freiny Miles - Finance and Resources Manager

Sarah Brander - Accountant*

Sema Bradford - Finance Officer

Sam Pullinger - Grant Development Officer*

Angela Davies - Membership and Administration Officer*

Emily Herbert - Supporter Data Officer*

Shakira Price - HR Officer*

Roy Catford - Site Assistant - Trust Office*

Steve Beary - Estates & Business Development Project Manager (outsourced)

Helen Adams - HR Consultant* (outsourced)

Andrea Lakin - Health and Safety Consultant* (outsourced)

Fundraising, Membership and Communications

Emily Millington - Head of Fundraising

Vacant - Supporter Development Manager

Naomi Fuller - Communications and Marketing Manager*

Vacant - Fundraising Manager

Sarah Mitchell - Communications Officer 

Folly Farm Centre

Contact Folly Farm Centre, including booking enquiries, by phone, 01275 331590, or email, info@follyfarm.org, or visit Folly Farm’s website.

Jane Davis - Centre Director*

Clare Withyman - Centre Manager (outsourced)

Tony O’Neill - Assistant Manager (outsourced)

Stella Page - Front of House Manager - Weddings (outsourced)

Mark Withyman - Management Cover & Support (outsourced)

Vacant - Marketing Manager* (outsourced)

Hannah Read - Event Administrator*

Chantal Chorley - Cleaning Supervisor*

Aime Evans - Caretaker (outsourced)

Wild Service

Boyd Henderson - Wild Service Business Manager (based at Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust)
info@wildservice.net  01452 699 190

General enquiries

Contact us by phone, 0117 917 7270, or email, mail@avonwildlifetrust.org.uk, or use our Contact Us form.


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President and Vice-Presidents

Avon Wildlife Trust’s President is Simon King OBE, and we have three Vice-Presidents supporting the Trust: Mark Carwardine, Mike Dilger, and Kevin McCloud.



The governing body of Avon Wildlife Trust is an elected board of volunteer trustees. Trustees play a vital role in all aspects of our work.

Meet our trustees