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Common frog (Rana temporaria) male calling, in garden pond in spring, Warwickshire, UK - Mark Hamblin/2020VISION

Introduction to UK Amphibians –online course

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Gain an understanding of the ecology and history of amphibians in the UK and how you can help them, on this 2 hour interactive online course with Matt Collis.

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6:00pm - 8:00pm
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About the event

Learn all about the ecology and history of amphibians in the UK on this online short course. Covering both practical ID and survey skills, you will learn the best ways to confidently identify each species and the places you’re most likely to find them. You’ll also discover the best ways to take action for amphibians and hear our top tips for creating suitable habitat in your garden and local green spaces.  

Learning outcomes:
  • An introduction to the ecology of UK amphibians including several controversial ‘non-native’ or introduced species
  • Learn easy-to-use survey techniques and practice your ID skills through group exercises
  • Practical habitat management and wildlife gardening tips aimed at supporting amphibians 




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Thanks to generous donations we are now in a position to implement our pay it forward scheme to help anyone on a low income (less than £15,000 a year) join our courses for a discounted fee. While funds last.

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Adults, Beginners

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Great teacher, I loved the course! I learned so much more than expected, and have already been identifying loads of trees today!
Tree Id Online course attendee