My Wild City Champion: Alice Lawrence

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With aspiration for a career as a conservation scientist, Alice splits her time between her day job and volunteering for charities in order to gain my conservation experience.


My favourite urban wildlife moment was a fox cub laying down in the middle of the road chilling in a completely nonchalant way, definitely feeling like the ruler of the roads.


Alice has been a long-term volunteer on the My Wild City project, helping with the various transformation projects as well as managing the 'My Wild Neighbourhood' project creating hedgehog corridors across Bristol.

Coordinating the work of several of our other widlife champions as well as being a key member of the project delievery team, Alice is happy putting her hand in to do everything. She particularly loves watching wildlife poor spaces be transformed into something amazing and enjoys inspiring volunteers with her own infectious enthusiasm.

Alice hopes her continued efforts to make a difference will be the catalyst for other to get involved in the fight for nature!




Alice is leading 'My Wild Neighbourhood'.

Are you passionate about wildlife in your area of Bristol? Maybe you could be our next wildlife champion! Email us.

Image credit: Jamie Hall