Bring wildlife back

Bring wildlife back

I can’t believe it’s July and 30 Days Wild is over already. Personally, I have felt the benefits of my daily Random Act of Wildness throughout the month which is unsurprising considering a recent five-year review of the campaign, undertaken by the University of Derby, has shown that people have felt positive benefits from participating for up to two months afterwards!

Now, more than ever, we have reason to be mindful of our wellbeing and take positive action to improve it. Lockdown has been a difficult time for many, but it has also been a time where many people have reconnected with nature. Whether it’s working on your garden, going for a woodland walk or watching the birds from your window, it can all help to improve your mental wellbeing. That’s why we should not restrict our Random Acts of Wildness to the 30 Days Wild of June but aim for 365 days wild, throughout the year. Do it for your health, happiness, wildlife and the planet.

As Supporter Care Manager at Avon Wildlife Trust, I get to speak to so many of our fantastic members and supporters. Throughout lockdown and 30 Days Wild, I’ve been lucky enough to hear stories of uplifting interactions with wildlife, of children discovering a love for nature for the first time and families visiting nature reserves across our region. I’m so glad nature has been there for so many during this time, and I hope we can all be there for nature as it needs our help.

Together, we can bring wildlife back

My role at Avon Wildlife Trust means I’m here to make sure our supporters and members know how their actions and kind donations are helping Avon’s wildlife survive and thrive in our local area. This also presents an opportunity to connect people with nature who cannot access it so easily, through virtual nature reserve tours on Instagram, competitions where local people share their wild experiences or regular email updates about local success stories or ways people can connect with nature from home.

I also have the pleasure of thanking people who kindly donate to help Avon’s wildlife thrive, be it to an appeal or as a member with a monthly donation. Our community of supporters are vital in helping create and maintain vital habitats, inspiring a love for nature in communities and influencing businesses, councils and landowners to make decision that work to help bring wildlife back in the area. Our members receive our Wild Avon magazine two times a year which is filled with nature success stories that have only been possible with their support. It’s also crammed full of nature reserve walks, wildlife-friendly gardening advice and local and national nature-based news! 

If nature has helped you during these difficult times, and you would like to give something to help bring wildlife back for years to come, I warmly invite you to join Avon Wildlife Trust as a member. From as little as £3 a month, you can support wildlife across our 30 natures reserves and beyond as we continue to work with communities, businesses and local authorities to bring nature back to everyone’s doorstep. I look forward to welcoming you as a member of our thriving local community.

Find out more about becoming a member at Avon Wildlife Trust.