Online Courses at Avon Wildlife Trust

Online Courses at Avon Wildlife Trust

Corn bunting (Milaria calandra) singing in hedgerow at an arable farm in Hertfordshire. April 2011. - Chris Gomersall/2020VISION

Whether you are a beginner seeking to gain knowledge into wildlife or a keen enthusiast hungry for more, Avon Wildlife Trust offers a range of online courses tailored to suit your interest in the environment.

Our courses have been created to inform, inspire and connect adults with wildlife and conservation, whilst encouraging confidence. Recent online sessions have been a great success and with more exciting subjects on the horizon make sure to keep an eye out for new events on our website and social media pages as we get closer to spring.

Celebrating our recent courses

Nature allows for endless opportunities of discovery. Taking the time to look closer and learn more about wildlife can help you to reconnect with nature during lockdown. Our online courses will allow you the space to be inquisitive, creative and build on your curiosity as well as making new connections in nature and with others.

Recently, we have had the pleasure of being joined by ecologist Matt Collis for a range of engaging courses on seasonal topics, including winter tree and bird identification as well as an introduction to ecology. These sessions have been a hit with attendees, and we are thrilled that 100% of participants would recommend our courses. Here is what they had to say:

“I was an absolute beginner but still found the content understandable. Matt’s delivery was very clear and friendly. The course has definitely boosted my confidence.” – Winter Bird ID course attendee

“Matt was a great tutor. Inclusive and knowledgeable. It has inspired me to increase my knowledge about ecology and become more involved with conservation and volunteer projects.” – Introduction to Ecology course attendee

Courses you can attend

We currently have two exciting online courses with tickets still available for purchase.

Everyone welcomes the beautiful and relaxing sound of birdsong, but how many of us have the skill to tell each bird apart by their calls? Join us for a 3-session bird identification course in which this skill will be made accessible for beginners, starting on the 18th February.

Learn all about the ecology and history of UK amphibians during a 2-hour course on Monday 8th March. This session will cover both practical ID and surveying skills, teaching you the methods to build confidence in identifying various species and where to find them. You will also discover ways in which you can take action for our amphibious friends and create a suitable home for them in your garden and local green spaces.

Did you miss the chance to join our Wildlife Gardening Club? You are in luck! We will soon be offering places for further gardening courses as we move into spring.

For more information on available online courses, please visit our website: Lifelong Learning Courses 

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