Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy

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Defra published a National Pollinator Strategy for England in 2014 to support pollinators across towns, cities and the countryside.


The Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy steering group have developed a local pollinator strategy for the Greater Bristol urban area to unite organisations and individuals across the city. Read the National Pollinator Strategy.

Supported by Defra, we launched the 2015–2020 Strategy in March 2015 at the first Bristol Pollinator Forum meeting. The steering group reviewed the Strategy aims and Actions for 2016-2020 and the updated Strategy was relaunched in November 2016. The revised Strategy includes the aims we continue to strive towards, and incorporates new actions that will help to achieve these aims. Download a copy of the revised 2016–2020 Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy.


The aims of the Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy are to:

  1. Identify and protect existing habitat for pollinators
  2. Increase the amount of pollinator habitat
  3. Raise awareness of pollinators to the public, businesses and private landowners
  4. Provide best practice guidelines in line with the latest research

We are inviting individuals and organisations to sign up to support the local strategy and become part of the Get Bristol Buzzing initiative.

Together we can collectively work towards improving urban greenspace across Greater Bristol to help these important insects.
The Strategy’s aims and actions will be achieved via an Implementation Plan that will be reviewed annually. Organisations signing up to support the Strategy will be asked to contribute information on the activities they are involved in that can contribute to the Implementation Plan.


If your organisation would like to sign up to support the Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy, please complete this form to tell us how your organisation will help achieve the Strategy aims.


If you would like to sign up to support the Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy as an individual, please complete this form to tell us more about what you are doing to help pollinators.

Information you submit will help us to find out about all of the exciting projects and activities to help our pollinating insects in Greater Bristol. All activities will also be added to the My Wild City Interactive map.

Get Bristol Buzzing Facebook Group

In 2016, following the annual review, the Bristol Pollinator Forum has been developed into a Facebook group. Individuals interested in working together to improve the Greater Bristol urban area for insect pollinators are invited to join here. Pollinator news, research and topics of interest are regularly posted. The page is monitored by Steering Group members and we encourage active participation from individuals.

If you would like to be like to be kept informed of future Get Bristol Buzzing news please sign up to receive My Wild City newsletters.



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