Capturing nature connection on film

With so many inspiring young people around the world speaking up for the environment, it’s important to provide the space for more people to do the same here in Avon.

Since summer 2018 we have been working with a fantastic creative team at the Bristol-based film company Immediate Media to produce a short film that captures the importance of lifelong learning about nature and wildlife.

We share real stories of people living in Bristol, and the film focuses on the experiences of three wonderful narrators; a 10-year-old boy living in a Bristol neighbourhood who goes to one of our nature clubs, a young woman who did a conservation placement with us, and a dad who brings his toddler son to one of our My Wild Child wild play sessions. They share their experiences in their own words of connecting with the nature around them and the enjoyment, learning and wellbeing they gain.

Our learning team work with a range of people of all ages from families, schools and communities around Bristol to help create opportunities for people to make more of a nature-connection. Recently, as part of a partnership with the Our Bright Future project, that brings together the youth and environment sectors, we were also able to send two Avon young people to meet MPs at Westminster on the 6th of March to voice their concerns about the environment. These two young women, Cat (16) and Leilah (18) were able to speak to several MPs including Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy and Bath MP Vera Hobhouse, who listened to what they had to say.

Our film showcases our learning opportunities for people of all ages, and shows how learning about nature from a young age motivates children as they grow up. “I’ve learnt so much about nature, what things are called and why they are important. Today I ate an apple straight from a tree for the first time. It tasted amazingly sweet.” Says Hayden, our ten year old narrator. His words show that developing a nature habit from a young age instils a care and respect for the environment, that can then be used to champion it.

It’s moving to see is how people of all ages are using their voice to stand up for the environment in their own communities and beyond. This is an important story to tell as the natural world around us is in decline with wildlife pushed to the margins. It becomes ever more urgent that people from a young age are able connect with nature so that they can value and protect it.

As Anna, our conservation placement narrator says “It’s exciting to know that we’re helping spread wildflower habitats all over the region. I try to share my knowledge with friends and neighbours. Simple advice on how to encourage wildlife back and brighten up our city.”

You can watch the full film here.

Thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery for supporting our work with young people and wildlife.