My Wild Life – Georgia Moore

My Wild Life – Georgia Moore

Georgia is Supporter Care Manager at Avon Wildlife Trust, working to connect members and supporters with nature from home, as well as making sure your kind donations are making a difference to Avon’s wildlife and wild spaces.

I first learnt of Avon Wildlife Trust at the age of 8 when on a school trip to our local nature reserve, Willsbridge Valley. I was in awe of this natural oasis hidden among a housing estate on the edge of Bristol. We tramped through the woodland and wildflowers and peered our eager young faces over the ponds, filled with tadpoles and swarming with water striders and dragonflies. I distinctly remember this experience as a key moment in sparking my love for nature and a passion for standing up for wildlife.

That is why, when I saw this role advertised online, I jumped at the chance to work for such an amazing charity. I feel so lucky to be able to work for a cause that I truly care about and have daily contact with the amazing members and supporters that are helping to bring wildlife back across the region. It is great to know that my job each day is to make those doing fantastic things for local wildlife feel important – because you are. Our community of members is really special, from our founding members who have been with us since 1980 to those who have just become a member this year, you are all making a difference to the future of Avon’s natural landscape. Thank you.

I have also been astounded by the generosity and dedication to wildlife so many people displayed throughout the difficult period of the first lockdown. Whether it was donating to our ecological emergency appeal to help wildlife fight back in the face of adversity, supporting our wildflower nursery, Grow Wilder, by purchasing plants to make your gardens even more wildlife friendly, or inspiring a love for nature in others by sharing your wild experiences in our competition, it all makes a huge difference. Each action has helped the Trust get through a very difficult time. So, thank you for being there for Avon’s wildlife as nature has been there for all of us during a time when we needed it most.

With the twin threat of the climate and ecological emergencies, as well as the uncertainty for nature as we enter lockdown number two and the proposed economic recovery, wildlife needs us now more than ever. Being a member of Avon Wildlife Trust means that, together we are bringing nature back to our doorsteps. If you would like to do more to accelerate this change, there are so many ways you can get involved. You can donate, fundraise, volunteer, write to your local MP or include a gift for the future of wildlife in your will. For more information about ways to get more involved with what we are doing as a Trust or for any questions you might have, please do get in touch and I will do everything I can to help.

To find out more about becoming a member with Avon Wildlife Trust visit our website here, or if you have questions or ideas you can contact Georgia by emailing

You can also support Avon Wildlife Trust by helping our vital conservation projects across Avon by donating today to our Coronavirus Appeal here.