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  • All of a flutter for free pollinators and predators project

    Tuesday 6th May, 2014

    Pollinators and predators (credit: Western Power Distribution)

    A fun and free new pollinator project from Avon Wildlife Trust is spreading out to schools in South Gloucestershire.

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  • Baby eels teach children about challenges facing our wildlife

    Monday 5th May, 2014

    Spawn to be Wild at Wrington Primary school

    'Spawn to be Wild' - the latest exciting learning project run by Avon Wildlife Trust and funded by Bristol Water, brings baby eels that have already travelled over 4,000 miles from the mysterious Sargasso Sea into North Somerset schools

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  • New evidence of vanishing grasslands

    Tuesday 22nd April, 2014

    Vanishing wild grass and flower meadows

    A dramatic decline in our remaining wildlife-rich grasslands has been highlighted by The Wildlife Trusts. Reports collated across the country tell a story of devastating losses.

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  • Wild Weekends with Avon Wildlife Trust in 2014

    Thursday 10th April, 2014

    Celebrating the UK’s natural treasures in 2014, Avon Wildlife Trust is promoting a series of wild weekends to encourage people to explore nature reserves close to home.

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  • New home for wildlife within city gateway

    Saturday 5th April, 2014

    Bennett's Patch and White's Paddock nature reserve

    A major Avon Wildlife Trust project to celebrate Bristol being European Green Capital in 2015.

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  • MPs vote en masse to drop the cull

    Friday 14th March, 2014

    MPs today overwhelmingly backed a motion calling on the Government to drop culling and instead vaccinate badgers.

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  • Leading countryside groups join forces to challenge fracking rules

    Monday 10th March, 2014

    Poorly regulated fracking risks harming threatened species and polluting our waterways, according to a report produced by the UK’s leading wildlife and countryside groups.

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  • Update on the Pilot Culls

    Monday 3rd March, 2014

    The Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, announced on 26 January 2013 that pilot badger culls would go ahead in Somerset and Gloucestershire in the summer of 2013.

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  • Badgers and bovine TB: Why the Government’s policy needs to change

    Monday 24th February, 2014

    Badger culling should be dropped from Government plans and priority given to a strategic vaccination programme.

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  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year

    Friday 21st February, 2014

    Wildlife Photographer of the Year

    The world renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is once again returning to Bristol and will be open to visitors until 23 February.

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