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Bristol My Wild CityBristol My Wild City

Welcome to our #MyWildCity maps where you can see what and where we can all do something amazing for wildlife and help make the city one big nature reserve.

Our maps picture the city as never done so before, helping to identify areas and opportunities to improve our city for wildlife. Whether it is a woodland, grassland or concrete, there is always something you can do to make it better for wildlife.

Whatever you do, be it making bird boxes, building ponds, or providing planters and wildflowers, we can all contribute to our maps. 



Free Downloadable Maps                Interactive Map

You can download any number of the 20 maps,                          View our interactive map showing what actions 
showing the city by habitat for each of the                                  we and others across Bristol have taken to help
communities of Bristol, with the needs of wildlife                         make our city better for wildlife.
at their core.                                                                                                                                                               











Download your My Wild City map and get inspired about places where you can do things to support wildlife.


Maybe you have planted wildflower seeds, or put up a bird box? Perhaps you've made made a hole in your fence for hedgehogs or left your grass long to go a bit wild?! You could be do something in your garden, school, local park or even your office...

Tell us so we can share your actions on our map today!