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Our Amazing Visit to Blagdon Lake - by Ryan & Callum

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Posted: Tuesday 26th May 2015 by WildSchools

EelsCheddar Grove Primary's year 4s at Blagdon Lake (c) Kate Marsh

Thank you to Ryan and Callum, from Cheddar Grove Primary School, for this excellent blog about your day at the lake.

"On Friday 15th May Year 5 went to Blagdon Lake to release elvers that we had been looking after in school.

When we arrived Cathy and Steve told us about the lake. Cathy then showed us how to release the elvers. We were all given a plastic cup containing a little water and an elver. We had to lie on our stomachs on the lake shore, put the cup in the water and gently let the water from the lake pour into the cup as eels like to swim against flowing water. We all felt sad that we had to release the elvers but we knew that it was the right thing to do. We hoped that they all survived and would eventually make their way to the Sargasso Sea (4,000 miles away) to reproduce.

We then used binoculars to watch birds on the lake and in the trees. We listened very carefully to them singing.
At lunchtime some of us tasted smoked eel. Some children didn’t like it. Others thought it was delicious.
After, we were able to feed the fish that would soon be released into the lake ready for the fishermen to catch.

Then we started on a nature trail and Cathy showed us an eel pass. This was important so that the eels in the River Yeo wouldn’t become trapped in the lake machinery.During our walk we saw deer, bird boxes a badger sett and we identified different trees.

We had a great day but our favourite part was releasing the eels into the lake and watching them as they swam away."


By Ryan & Callum
Year 5, Cheddar Grove Primary School. 

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