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Human society is suffering from a disastrous disconnection from nature. Our screen-based life styles mean we are looking up less, not making time to notice the nature on our doorstep.

So what, you might think. Nature is always there, why worry? But we do need to worry. 

The recent State of Nature report stated that 15% of the 9670 species studied are in serious danger of going extinct from our shores. Extinct. That means gone, completely disappeared from the UK.

And it’s the wildlife we hold as ‘common’, creatures like hedgehogs and dormice, butterflies and bees that are in danger. We desperately need to hold onto our wildlife – just without our bees humans are in crisis – every three mouthfuls of our food depends on pollinators. 

At the Wildlife Trusts we know that when we connect people to the value of nature, they are more likely to take action to protect it for the future. For over ten years Avon Wildlife Trust has been connecting people with the nature on their doorstep, and supporting them to make a difference for wildlife – but we urgently need to do more. 

Please make a gift to our Nature Connections Appeal now – every

£1 you give will be doubled by our Match Fund, so your generosity will have even more impact for local wildlife. 

Avon Wildlife Trust has been inspiring people to care for nature for over ten years. Our Communities and Nature project worked with 15,000 people, getting them outdoors on a regular basis and helping them take action to care for the wild places in their neighbourhoods. In total 42 green spaces were transformed into welcoming places that offered a haven for wildlife, in the heart of urban communities. 

But it isn’t just wildlife that benefits. Getting outdoors has long lasting benefits for human health and wellbeing. At The Wildlife Trusts we know that regular time spent outdoors reduces anxiety and stress, increases positive mood, self-esteem and resilience, and improves social function and social inclusion.

We urgently need to connect thousands more people to the value of nature, and inspire them to protect it for the future. With more people motivated to care for wildlife, our hedgehogs, dormice, butterflies, bees and hundreds of other wonderful creatures can thrive. 

Please make a gift to out Nature Connections Appeal today so we can continue to inspire people with the wonder of the wild – and take action to protect it for the long term. 

Every £1 you donate will be doubled with our Connections Match Fund, so your gift will have even more impact for the wildlife you love.


Your support can help Avon Wildlife Trust to:

  • Take groups on wildlife walks to help people notice the nature on their doorstep and teach them how to identify basic local wildlife

  • Train people in wildlife gardening techniques so they can welcome wildlife to their gardens and neighbourhoods

  • Support communities to work together to notice and transform local wild places into havens for wildlife and for people

Please DONATE NOW and double the impact of your gift thanks to our Nature Connections Match Fund.


Dormouse credit: Amy Lewis Hedgehog credit: Tom Marshall

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