Key Stage Two

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Contrasting Habitats

Discover which invertebrates live in Folly Woods and lurk below the surface of our pond. What adaptions make them suited to their aquatic or terrestrial habitats? Learn all about food chains; what makes the carnivores excellent predators and find out how their prey protects themselves.

Growing Detectives 

Delve deeper into the plant kingdom, learning about the structure and function of plants and discover their relationships with pests and pollinators. 

Sustainability and Conservation

Follow a caterpillar trail into the woods and discover the part of the life cycle before they transform into a butterfly. Later play a fun butterfly feeding game and get creative by making a beautiful butterfly collage from natural finds.

Home Sweet Home

Apply for a job in one of Folly's habitats; wetland, wood or meadow and find out what your role is in that habitat. Find out why nature has the best recycling system and how Folly Farm works with the natural world to be more sustainable. Discover ways you can tread more lightly on our planet!

Hands on Habitats

Work Scientifically to examine our woodland, meadow and kitchen garden, classifying and making connections. 

Craft and Creativity 

Immerse yourself in nature at Folly Farm through a wide range of traditional art and craft activities. These could include painting with natural materials and 'home-made' paint, weaving a hurdle out of willow and hazel, weaving on a Y-stick or creating an Andy Goldsworthy-style work of art.

Team Building

This programme is designed to test how well small teams work together and to see how many challenges each team can successfully complete. This is a fun, competitive day with points or Folly Farm pounds awarded throughout for teamwork.

We start with each group choosing which team building activities to attempt - they are graded so that the toughest challenges gain the most points. Can you climb through the web without touching the ropes and can your team cross the 'Raging Torrent'.

After lunch the 'Give Me 5' activity needs good map reading skills, an ability to think fast and good pooling of knowledge.

Many of these activities can be incorporated into a residential visit. Find out more about our residentials here. 

Avon Wildlife Trust has a long standing relationship with Cathy Mayne and Anna Stevens from My Green World, who develop and deliver educational programmes at Folly Farm.