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  • Time to restore nature’s flood defences

    Friday 17th January, 2014

    Five point action plan for natural solutions to flood control

    Call for Government to invest in natural solutions.

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  • Introducing for 2014: A Year in the Life of Portbury Wharf

    Tuesday 7th January, 2014

    Located on the land between Portishead and Royal Portbury Dock,Portbury Wharf is a haven for wetland birds and wildlife.

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  • South West celebrates success in conserving endangered crayfish

    Thursday 19th December, 2013


    The South West Crayfish Project, led by Buglife, Avon Wildlife Trust, Bristol Zoo Gardens and the Environment Agency is celebrating moving over 4,000 endangered white-clawed crayfish to safe haven ‘Ark sites’.

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  • Geoffroy's Bat Makes a Surprise Appearance

    Monday 9th December, 2013

    Geoffroy's Bat - recorded for the second time in UK history

    Although the city of Bath is known to attract tourists from across the globe, no one could have expected a visit from a lone Geoffroy's bat.

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  • Champion Volunteers

    Friday 29th November, 2013

    Trust volunteers and volunteering projects have been recognised at the Bristol Green Volunteers Awards 2013.

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  • Act Now to Protect Nature on Farms

    Friday 29th November, 2013

    People have just one week to respond to the Government's consultation on how the Common Agricultural Policy should shape the future of farming and the rural economy in England from 2015-2020.

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  • Bill Oddie at Badger March

    Monday 25th November, 2013

    Darin Smith

    TV naturalist and The Wildlife Trusts’ Vice President Bill Oddie is due to speak at the peaceful march to protest against the badger cull on Saturday (30 November).

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  • First Wave of Marine Protection Welcome

    Thursday 21st November, 2013

    Darin Smith

    As the Government today confirms immediate designation of 27 Marine Conservation Zones, The Wildlife Trusts welcome this first step towards the creation of a network so absolutely vital to ensure the healthy future of our seas.

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  • November - Roundhouse Opens with a Feast

    Friday 1st November, 2013


    Schoolchildren, volunteers and funders are amongst the guests at the official opening of a roundhouse at the Trust's Feed Bristol.

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  • Government Must Drop Badger Culling Policy

    Thursday 10th October, 2013

    The Wildlife Trusts, including Avon Wildlife Trust, are calling for the Government to drop badger culling from its proposed strategy to tackle bovineTB in England.

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