My Wild City Maps

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Do something amazing for wildlife. Download your My Wild City map and talk to your neighbours and community about what action you can take for wildlife as part of Bristol 2015.

You can download and save the map of your neighbourhood - zoom in to street level to see where you can best take action right on your doorstep.

Taking action for wildlife can be easy, especially if you make it part of your everyday life.

Remember, it doesn’t matter the size of your garden, or if you live in a flat, there are still lots of small changes you can make that will benefit wildlife. For example, planting wildflowers and bee-friendly plants, putting up nest boxes or leaving out kitchen scraps to attract garden birds like blackbirds. Find out more.

To download your neighbourhood map, click on your area in the map below or via the Downloads list at the bottom of this page. Mobile device users, please use the Downloads list to find your area. For a complete map of Bristol, click here.

Developing the maps

Avon Wildlife Trust’s My Wild City maps have been created using over 200 data sets, including aerial photography, remote sensing, habitat and soil data. The data sets have been combined to produce a wildlife opportunity map for greater Bristol, that shows the best places to create habitat for wildlife, such as wildflower and tree planting. The opportunities are determined by taking into consideration factors such as distance from existing green space, woodland and grassland, and whether a garden is paved or not. We have used the most up-to-date data and best techniques available to create the My Wild City maps, but sometimes things might not look as they should, or have recently changed, or will change as a result of development for example.

For more information on data sources please visit: If you would like to comment on the maps, please email: Let us know what you are planning for wildlife in your area with #mywildcity

The maps were produced for Avon Wildlife Trust by Environment Systems, a leading environmental and geographic intelligence consultancy

With thanks to the following organisations for providing us with the data to create 'My Wild City Maps': BRERC, B&NES, Bristol City Council, British Geological Survey, Centre of Ecology & Hydrology, Corine, Cranfield University, Environment Agency, EU Soils Portal, Forestry Commission, Forest of Avon, Natural England, North Somerset Council, Ordinance Survey, South Gloucestershire Council.


FilenameFile size
Bristol My Wild City.pdf8.97 MB
1- Avonmouth and Kingsweston.pdf5.51 MB
2 - Henbury and Southmead.pdf4.39 MB
3 - Henleaze, Stokebishop and Westbury-on-Trym.pdf6.46 MB
4 - Horfield and Lockleaze.pdf5.32 MB
5 - Greater Fishponds.pdf4.02 MB
6 - Bishopston, Cotham and Redland.pdf7.05 MB
7 - Cabot, Clifton and Clifton East.pdf5.44 MB
8 - Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill.pdf5.78 MB
9 - St George.pdf7.33 MB
10 - Greater Bedminster.pdf4.78 MB
11 - Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill.pdf6.77 MB
12 - Brislington.pdf5.29 MB
13 - Bishopsworth, Hartcliffe and Whitchurch Park.pdf6.22 MB
14 - Hengrove and Stockwood.pdf5.11 MB
15 - Portbury and Abbotsleigh.pdf2.92 MB
16 - Long Ashton and Dundry.pdf1.77 MB
17 - Keynsham.pdf3.63 MB
18 - East Fringe of the Bristol Urban Area.pdf3.52 MB
19 - North Fringe of the Bristol Urban Area.pdf3.02 MB
20 - Severnside.pdf2.18 MB