University visits and lectures

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We offer a range of programmes for PGCE students to help them expand on Science subject knowledge or learn more about teaching outside the classroom. We can also deliver guest lectures for university courses.

Day and residential programmes for students are available at our Folly Farm Centre, or we can deliver lectures at your college or university.

PGCE day visits

Today was simply wonderful! We all really enjoyed ourselves and learnt loads too. Was a very inspiring day and really made us all think outside the box - thank you for arranging it and making our learning so stimulating and fun.

Inspire and enthuse your PGCE students to build learning outside the classroom as an integral part of their teaching. Our day courses introduce trainee teachers to the potential of the outdoors as a learning resource. We design your programme depending on your needs for Early Years, primary or secondary curriculum.

A Secondary Science PGCE day visit could include:

  • Ecology in the outdoors (looking for natural patterns and trends found in nature and how these can be built into a curriculum-linked investigation)
  • Using your school grounds and local green space for science, including the use of homemade investigation equipment
  • Science creative learning games in the outdoors, for example fire lighting to highlight friction, soil pH and environmental conditions in different habitats as part of a CSI investigation.
  • Introduction to fieldwork, including sampling, ID skills and measuring abiotic factors
  • Planning and carrying out field visits safely
  • Mini projects - identify and plan an investigation in Folly Farm grounds.
  • Useful links and resources      

Residential visits for PGCE Science students

Thank you for such a fantastic day, I have learnt a lot from such inspirational and passionate tutors and have been re-introduced to the wonder of the natural world.

A residential PGCE Science visit covers the following areas and focuses on running activities in school grounds or in an open area:

  • Longworth trapping, mark release recapture, predator prey relationships, owl pellet dissection
  • Statistics and ecology investigations
  • Team-building

Guest lectures

On behalf of colleagues and students, I wanted to express my thanks for your time today. A captivating, interactive and energetic talk, which I am sure will interest many students and provide thoughts for a future career path in environmental or outdoor education, which as stated is so vital.

We deliver guest lectures for universities, with topics including:

  • Perceptions of the outdoors by primary-aged children
  • Overcoming barriers to learning outdoors
  • How to use the natural environment as an educational resource

Our learning team enjoys sharing experience and knowledge of the outdoor environment and environmental education and loves the challenge of new topics for guest lectures. If you have a particular area you would like us to talk to your students about please contact us. We also offer practical lectures to get students outdoors and learning firsthand.

For more information about any of these programmes please contact us on 0117 917 7270 or email