Key Stage 3 day visits

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KS3 Folly Farm CentreScientific investigation in Folly woods

We offer a variety of day programmes designed for Key Stage 3 science, geography, mathematics and a number of other National Curriculum subjects.

The following courses take place at the Trust's Folly Farm Centre, a sustainable learning centre set in the heart of a 250-acre nature reserve. We also offer a range of Key Stage 3 residential programmes

Bushcraft and Survival Skills

Students learn how to survive deep in the woods of Folly Farm, stripped of modern technology and gadgets. Put survival skills to the test with personal and team challenges. Build shelters, learn the best techniques to light and keep a fire burning and enjoy a tasty snack cooked on the open fire. Students take part in camouflage and hunter challenges and learn how nature can provide what we need to survive. This day is a great team-building opportunity, and encourages personal development as well as class cohesion.  

The Biscuit Bandit Challenge (Science investigation)

Help solve the horrific crime of the Biscuit Bandit stealing the delicious biscuits of Folly Farm. Using scientific and fieldwork skills match the evidence to a culprit, using soil, flora and fauna investigations out in the nature reserve and track down the biscuits. Students use the skills and scientific knowledge they gain from this led investigation to investigate a hypothesis in a small team based in a habitat around the reserve and report their findings back to the group.  

Feeding Relationships

Compare freshwater and woodland habitats to investigate the influence of the environment on species and identify adaptations for survival. Learn sampling techniques and identification skills and use owl pellet dissection as a technique to see the food chain in action and assess the fine balance between predators and prey.

Wildlife Filmmaking

Use wildlife filmmaking to introduce and engage students with the natural world. Students  put together their own storyboard and create a wildlife blockbuster. After researching their habitat and recognising some of the threats to its survival students are introduced to filmmaking techniques and the equipment. Throughout the day students take on different roles including producer, researcher, scriptwriter, narrator and sound technician and collect footage around the reserve. Students are shown how to edit their film and to help make their message a powerful one. Classes can choose to take the recorded material back to school with them and edit it themselves with our guidance from Avon Wildlife Trust or book an extra session in or out of school.  

For more details about these courses including the National Curriculum links and prices please download the document below.  For bookings or additional information please contact 0117 917 7270 or email


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