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Previous editions of the newsletter 

May 2017


  • General Election 2017: Give Nature a Voice
  • Nature Nurtures 
  • 30DaysWild 
  • Volunteering opportunities 

April 2017 


  • West of England Metro Mayer sustainability hustings 
  • Spotted this month 
  • Bluebells 
  • Volunteering opportunities 


March 2017


  • The Greener UK Alliance and Brexit campaign
  • Brand New Avon Wildlife Trust Field Ecology Courses
  • House Martens: How you can help. 
  • Volunteering opportunities

February 2017


  • Wild Avon film 
  • 'Charming' Goldfinches 
  • Natural Health Services 
  • Volunteering opportunities 

January 2017

  • Say YES to Wildlife
  • Nature Connections Appeal 
  • Creative conservation challenge
  • Volunteering opportunities 

December 2016

  • Mistletoe 
  • Award winning projects 
  • Make a Christmas wreath 
  • Volunteering opportunities

November 2016

  • Living Planet Report 2016
  • Annual Review 
  • Now is a perfect time to clear out your nest boxes 
  • Volunteering opportunities 

October 2016

  • Stars of the Night: Bats
  • A future for nature outside of the EU 
  • Volunteering opportunities 

September 2016

  • My Wild Neighbourhood 
  • State of Nature report 2016
  • A spotlight on Walton Common
  • Volunteering opportunities 

August 2016 

  • Introducing the new monthly volunteer news and opportunities mailing 
  • Reserve of the month: Dolebury Warren
  • My Wild City inspiration
  • Volunteering opportunities 







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