These courses are being delivered as part of Avon Wildlife Trust’s Field Ecology Programme for 2017, and are aimed at students, practicing ecologists, conservation volunteers and anyone who wishes to further their knowledge in natural history and biological recording.

Each course will provide hands on experience which will aid in developing identification skills that are essential to field studies. Our tutors are all passionate about their subjects, and have a great range of knowledge and experience to share. 

The courses will provide a thorough introduction to each group’s biology, ecology and diversity within the Bristol area. References and help with understanding relevant literature, and practical activities teaching basic field survey techniques will also be covered. Some of our courses will include field trips to local sites of interest. These courses will aid participants in forming a strong foundation of understanding to take on to further study.

The courses will be delivered at our Feed Bristol project, which is a 6 acre community food growing hub and native wildflower nursery in Stapleton. This is an education and community enterprise centre which champions conservation and ecology in a food growing setting.

Feed Bristol also hosts a range of courses delivered by other organisations and special events throughout the year. For more information and booking details check out Feed Bristol's Facebook events page.

Get a 10% discount if you book two or more courses, simply call to book: 0117 917 7270.

Introduction to Aquatic Invertebrates

Fri 8 to Sun 10 September 2017

This three day course in freshwater aquatic invertebrates can only be a sampler into a broad subject. Key points in this course are experience in using standard field equipment, differences between flowing and still waters, how to discern key parts of the habitat, using keys to groups and species and the use of the microscope.

Introduction to Fungi Cultivation and Identification

Fri 15 to Sun 17 September 2017

Fascinated by fungi? Or ever marveled at the mysteries of mushrooms? Then this course is for you!

Starting out with an introduction to fungal biology, diversity and ecology, exploring how incredible and important these organisms are, the course will then explore several outdoor and indoor growing techniques, for a range of delicious edible fungi.

Designing Edible Spaces - 10 Evening Classes

Tue 19 September to Tue 28 November 2017

This course will give you the design skills and knowledge to transform your garden or any green space into an abundant, edible landscape, that is full of food, friendly to wildlife, looks good, and needs little maintenance.

Lots of people would like to grow food but feel they don’t have the time or the space; all parts of the city can be used for food production and growing our own food locally is important for sustainability of cities. In this course you will learn about growing healthy organic food in whatever space you have.

Creating Fertile Soils for Urban Gardeners (4 Evening Classes)

Wed 20 September to Wed 18 October 2017

Do you want to have crumbly, friable soil in your garden or allotment? Knowledge and techniques to transform your soil into health soil that grows great crops with few pests/diseases. No-Dig, Composing, Biochar and more.

Inspiring, Inclusive, Informative, Friendly, Engaging

Run by Niels Corfield. A four-night evening class on promoting and preserving soil health, using problem-based learning methods. Introduction to the soil health principles and how they can be applied to a garden/green space.

Introduction to Fungi

Sat 21 and Sun 22 October 2017

Come and explore the fascinating kingdom of Fungi. From towering toadstools down to microscopic filaments of mycelium, this course will explore the diversity of form and function that these important organisms display.

We will cover the biology and some of the ecological roles and symbioses that Fungi form, to aid as a platform for understanding their life cycles and which habitats they can be found in.


2018 Ecology Courses 

Introduction to Hoverflies

Sat 10 - Sun 11 March 2018 

Tutor: Roger Morris. 

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