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Severn Beach children release elvers into the Little Avon

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Posted: Thursday 26th May 2016 by WildSchools

Spawn to be Wild eelsSpawn to be Wild

Key Stage 2 children from Severn Beach Primary School have been looking after elvers in their class room this term and on Friday 20th May the time came to release the elvers into the Little Avon River at Berkeley Castle.

Despite improvements in numbers over the past few years, the European Eel is still an endangered species. The Sandpipers and Oystercatchers classes have been learning all about eels – their fascinating life cycle, how they fit in the food web of our rivers and seas – and watching them grow in the tanks until they were ready to release into the wild again.

Having watched the little elvers swim away into the Little Avon, the children followed a nature trail along the river, enjoyed a picnic in the grounds of the castle and then decorated an eel as a memento of the project to take back to school!

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