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Fair Furlong Yr 6s and Yr 4s at Blagdon

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Posted: Friday 27th March 2015 by WildSchools

spawn to be wildFair Furlong at Blagdon Lake

How do you count how many fry there are in a bucket when they are swimming around all the time?

This was a question that a budding ecologist from Fair Furlong Primary School had no trouble answering! Take a photo of course!

The Yr 6s have been looking after these trout since the beginning of January and were very proud that at least 48 had survived from their original batch of around 250. Although that sounds like a lot died, in fact this is a pretty good survival rate. Everyone got to release at least one fish into the lake at Blagdon on Monday (23rd March). Every fish got given a name (although there were a lot of ‘Bob’s!) and waved off as it swam away to find safety amongst the weeds of the lake.

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