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Posted: Wednesday 11th February 2015 by WildSchools

Juvenile TroutJuvenile Trout (c) Ally McDowell

Hannah More and Christchurch primary schools' Year 4s have had their second session in the Trout and About project this week. They have been learning all about water!

- Where does your water come from?

- How much water does an average person in Bristol use?

- Do the you know that in some parts of the world children have to walk for 2 hours every day to collect water to just to support the family!

- And how does the Water Cycle work??

Lots of fun was had when the children tried carrying a 2 litre bottle of water around the classroom on their heads and couldn't get it to balance - they couldn't imagine how hard it would be to carry 8 litres on their heads like some children in the world have to do!

They answered a quiz about their own knowledge of water and got quite a lot of the answers correct - but they found it hard to believe that only 1 per cent of the world's water is useable by humans - the rest is in the oceans or frozen.

They then thought how they could save water in their everyday lives and why it's important to try to. The population of our planet is now over 7 billion people and we only have the same amount of water to use as 100 years ago when the population was only 1.65 billion! In fact the amount of water on our planet hasn't ever changed - it just goes round and round in the amazing Water Cycle.

Now we are all really looking forward to the release of our first lot of fry next week into Blagdon Lake - we'll keep you updated as to how it all goes as our little charges swim off to explore their new home.

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