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Water Vole Distribution Map 2003-2008

Download (pdf 2Mb)

Avon Biodiversity Review

First issue of Avon Biodiversity Review: Download

Avon Biodiversity Action Plan News

Issue 3 – December 2006: Download (pdf: 84kb)

New Terms of Reference

Download (pdf: 82kb)

Avon Biodiversity Partnership Representations on the Draft Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) for the South West

Download (pdf: 161kb)

The walks and wildlife of the Severn Estuary

Download (pdf: 317kb)

Endanger mouse!

Action for dormice arcticle (pdf: 15K)

The Variety of Life

Variety of Life article (pdf: 23K)

Environment Agency Fact Sheets

1. Severn Estuary Habitats Directive Investigations (pdf: 491K)
2. Severn Estuary Sediment Study (pdf: 180K) and Site Map (pdf: 380K)

Home Improvement Schemes for Bats

The Avon Biodiversity Partnership are working to improve the lot of North Somerset’s rare horseshoe bats by making their roost sites more secure. All bats and their roosts are legally protected, but are often very vulnerable to disturbance.

Greater and Lesser Horseshoe bats are very rare and have declined drastically in numbers in recent years. The south west is a stronghold for these species so it is important to protect sites for their continued survival.

Funded by North Somerset Council, using aggregate levy money, the Partnership are protecting vulnerable bat hibernation sites by putting grills over the entrances to roost sites to stop people disturbing bats.

In addition they are raising awareness of bat conservation issues by visiting primary schools, giving talks and producing educational material for websites.

Download Bat Facts:
Part 1 pdf (6.5mb)
Part 2 pdf (6.6mb)
Part 3 pdf (4.3mb)

White-clawed crayfish Species Action Plan

Published August 2005

Download: pdf (2.8Mb / 4 pages) | doc (48K / 2 pages : text only)

Project Proforma

Click here to download an Avon BAP project proforma, blank project summary sheet and guidance notes.

Avon Biodiversity Action Plan: July 2004

Text and fully designed versions of the BAP can be downloaded for free below. However, you can also buy a copy of the BAP:
CD: £3
Black and white text version: £3
Full colour, designed folder: £30 for businesses; £15 for non-profit making organisations.
To request a copy please send a letter (with your name, address and details of which version of the BAP you would like) and cheque made payable to Avon Wildlife Trust to this address: Avon Biodiversity Partnership, c/o Avon Wildlife Trust, 32 Jacobs Wells Road, Bristol, BS8 1DR.


Text version of the full document (pdf: 540K / 96 pages)

Front cover (pdf: 1.03Mb / 2 pages)
Contents (pdf: 1.1Mb / 2 pages)
Introduction (pdf: 304K / 3 pages)
Chapter 1: Setting the scene (pdf: 1.34Mb / 7 pages)
Chapter 2: Implementation (pdf: 658K / 3 pages)
Chapter 3: Indicators, reporting back and review (pdf: 667K / 3 pages)
Chapter 4: Cross-cutting issues and actions (pdf: 1.37Mb / 12 pages)
Chapter 5: Habitat and species action plans (pdf: 863K / 5 pages)

Habitat action plans

[5.1] Species-rich grassland (pdf: 1.45Mb / 7 pages)
[5.2] Arable farmland (pdf: 485K / 3 pages)
[5.3] Purple moor-grass and rush pastures action statement (pdf: 93K / 2 pages)
[5.4] Hedgerows (pdf: 378K / 3 pages)
[5.5] Woodland (pdf: 1.13Mb / 7 pages)
[5.6] Wood pasture and parkland (pdf: 640K / 4 pages)
[5.7] Standing open water (pdf: 599K / 4 pages)
[5.8] Reedbeds and sedgebeds (pdf: 239K / 3 pages)
[5.9] Watercourses and floodplain (pdf: 527K / 4 pages)
[5.10] Coastal and floodplain grazing marsh (pdf: 258K / 3 pages)
[5.11] Estuary (pdf: 994K / 8 pages)

Species action plans

[5a.1] Dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius (pdf: 398K / 4 pages)
[5a.2] Water vole Arvicola terrestris (pdf: 833K / 5 pages)
[5a.3] White-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes (pdf: 2.8Mb / 4 pages)

Chapter 6: Appendices (pdf: 1.47Mb / 11 pages)