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NEst supports young people to make positive changes for wildlife in green spaces where they live

Engage with us through taster sessions, schools assemblies PSHE lessons and events to see if this is for you.  

Explore further through work experience and volunteering that can also support Duke of Edinburgh, National Citizens Service and school enrichment.  

Take Action! Help look after wildlife habitats, create wildlife gardens or come on a course to develop the skills needed for social action and employment.  

16-24 years old? Want to get involved? Join us at Feed Bristol on Tuesdays to engage, explore and take action!


Matt and Catherine will be at our Feed Bristol site in Stapleton every Tuesday from 10th January 2017. Get in touch for further information.
Come for a taster session, stay to explore and come back to take action and make positive changes for wildlife and yourself.

Natural Estates will work with young people on housing association sites across Avon and Gloucestershire to enable them to take ownership of their outdoor spaces. This five year project will see young people living in social housing become a catalyst for significant change in the way their local green spaces are managed.

It will enable young people to gain new skills relevant to finding jobs, training, and volunteering opportunities.

Participants will learn new skills and lead the process to shape and improve green spaces across six social housing associations. The targeted sites are in deprived areas with high unemployment.The results will be of benefit to the whole community, with opportunities to enjoy and celebrate the achievement of the young people.

It will enable young people to gain new skills relevant to finding jobs, training, volunteering opportunities and starting entrepreneurial projects that will contribute to the green economy.

Communities will be inspired about the environment and stimulated into action and community cohesion. Young people will consult with the wider community to lead environmental change that will benefit everybody. Those most involved will become Garden Mentors helping their community’s most in need residents to care for their gardens.

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Our Bright Future

Across the areas of Avon and Gloucestershire, the Natural Estates project, funded by Our Bright Future, will make a difference for young people and for wildlife. Working in partnership with six housing associations including United Communities, Alliance Homes and Bristol City Council, thousands of young people will have the opportunity to develop skills that protect the environment and could lead to future employment.

Our Bright Future aims to tackle three big challenges facing society today - a lack of social cohesion, a lack of opportunities for young people and vulnerability to climate change. Thirty one youth-led projects across the UK are each receiving around £1m of funding to give young people the skills and knowledge to improve their local environments – from reducing marine pollution to minimising food waste. In doing so, young people will develop the confidence and resilience to become environmental leaders and influence decisions at local and national levels. This young, ambitious and capable movement is ensuring this generation’s voice is heard in the current debates around environmental improvements and a resource-efficient economy.

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