Work Experience

Work Experience

Paul Harris

Work Experience with Avon Wildlife Trust

Alex's Work Experience Story as a SEN student

Alex came on work experience with us for a week with five of his peers from school. His school cater for young people who experience complex barriers to learning for a range of reasons, Alex himself has a hearing impediment and requires close supervision.  The whole group was fantastic, engaged and explored new activities that they hadn’t had the opportunity to do before, such as coppicing, a dormouse survey and creating a lasagna mulch.

Over the week Alex flourished and was constantly asking great thoughtful questions; he really immersed himself into this surrounds, while getting stuck into all the tasks asked of him. His teacher was impressed with how much he joined in and did all his tasks without complaint.  At the end of his week he said that he was able to “walk without tripping” as well as “lay down tools for others”, showing he has built on his teamworking skills but also his connection to nature by being confident and able to walk within the woods. The highlight of this week was seeing a dormouse and learning to pick up hazel nuts. He also added that he would like to continue with this type of work in the future.

2019 - Summer of Work Experience

Over the summer of 2019, the Our Bright Team took 32 students between the ages of 14 and 17 on a week long work experience placement with Avon Wildlife Trust. The students got to learn more about wildlife, learn practical skills and plan and develop their own projects to complete over the course of the week!

To learn more about our Willdife based work experience programme, read our blog.


I decided to do my work experience with the wildlife trust because I really enjoy practical work and being outside and also I feel passionate about the environment.”
Felicity, work experience student

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