Our vision

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Our vision

Our vision

We want to see nature restored on a grand scale across the Avon region. We have big plans between now and 2020 to see this happen.

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Our goals 2015-2020

Create ecological networks

We will create coherent and resilient ecological networks at a landscape scale for people and wildlife so that threatened species can flourish and degraded ecosystems can be restored.

Inspire people to care for nature

Our work is about inspiring and empowering people, benefiting their communities and immediate environment. Street-by-street and across the shared spaces of estates and community land, we’ll turn the city into a nature-rich, connected landscape. We’ll engage rural communities and enable them to take local action to enable nature to recover on a grand scale.

Champion the value of nature

We want to ensure that consideration of nature is embedded in all political, economic and planning processes, and the value of nature to society is widely understood and accounted for. Nature provides our everyday needs and is important for our mental health. Research shows that just five minutes spent in nature can improve people’s sense of self-esteem and mood. Our projects will offer time out in nature to people needing a boost to their physical and mental wellbeing.


Sir John Lawton

“We need a step-change in our approach to wildlife conservation, from trying to hang on to what we have, to one of large-scale habitat restoration and recreation, underpinned by the reestablishment of ecological processes and ecosystem services, for the benefits of both people and wildlife.” 

Our values

  • Acknowledge the exceptional importance of wildlife and the natural environment to the health and sustainability of the planet's climate and eco-systems
  • Promote the crucial social and economic benefits provided by wildlife and the natural environment to the health and wellbeing of the human population
  • Enhance social inclusion by promoting opportunities for all members of the community to take part in the Trust's work and activities  
  • Deliver the Trust's objectives by working as far as possible through partnerships with other organisations and community groups
  • Promote opportunities for volunteering and developing the skills, interests and personal development of its volunteers
  • Take pride in the Trust's role as a community enterprise created by and responsible to its members
  • Foster a culture of innovation, inspiration and creativity in its own internal working to create a visionary and dynamic Trust

  • Demonstrate openness and transparency to all its external audiences, partners and customers
  • Seek to operate at all times with total probity in support of ethical trading, and minimise its own carbon footprint