How to guide: Ponds

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Wildlife pondWildlife pond

If you do one thing for wildlife, provide a source of water!

A small area of permanent water will quickly becomes a place for invertebrates and amphibians to breed, as well as providing a host of other species the chance to drink, bathe and catch prey.

An upturned dustbin lid with fresh water will encourage birds to drink and bathe. Whilst a wildlife pond, with gently sloping edges and pond plants will attract frogs, toads, newts, birds and dragonflies. 

The best part about it is you don’t even have to put plants in if you don’t want to; given time, nature will do the hard work for you.

Top examples

  • Lined pond
  • Upturned tyre
  • Buried bucket/tub
  • Sealed plant pot
  • Bath tub

Have you added a water source to your garden or local green space? Tell us about it!



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